Dog Tries to Bite Passing Cars [VIDEO]
Sometimes I run across a little nugget that's too funny not to share with you. Take this pup. He's riding down the road with his head out the window like most dogs do, it's what he does to the passing cars that's hilarious.
Lily Sings Adele From Her Car Seat [VIDEO]
'Modern Family' is one of my favorite TV shows, even if you have only tuned in a couple of times, chances are good you will recognize that this is the adorable five-year-old Aubrey Anderson-Emmons - who plays Lily on the show.
The Best Ride Freakout Ever [VIDEO]
We all do things for the kids in our lives that sometimes cause us to have second thoughts about it later. This guy will probably never get talked into going on another ride at an amusement park EVER!

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