valentines day

10 Awkwardly Hilarious Proposal Fails
February 14th is upon us, so it's time to whip out all the lovey dovey cliches, y'all. We're talking about the stuff we expect on V-Day-- the chocolates, roses and, of course, the proposal stories. It's a pretty cute idea to propose to your significant other on the most romantic …
Forgetting Valentine’s Day is Not an Excuse
I could choose to keep my mouth shut and not share this, but I feel that I have a duty to share this with you. Just because you are a guy, you can't use the "I forgot" excuse when it comes to Valentine's Day - no matter how long you've been together!
Wolf and Ricky Wear the Love Mitten [VIDEO]
I made a Superbowl bet with Ricky.  Well... I lost.  I don't even know why I made it because I care less about either team.  Here is a moment Ricky will cherish forever, and one I am still trying to forget.

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