Talking Turkey: Best Deals In Town
Talking Turkey: Best Deals In TownWe're talking turkey today! If you're looking to start gathering your holiday dinner ingredients, make sure you're getting the best deals! Here are this week's turkey prices.
Blake Shelton Shows Off Turkey Calling Skills [VIDEO]
Sure, Blake Shelton is a major Country music star and quad-host of a successful TV show. Last week, Nashville Kat shared a Miranda tweet, asking the woods to let Blake come home. Now we know what he does when he's out "lost in the woods." He's trying to bag a bird!
Happy Dancing Turkey Day! [VIDEO]
Well, you know if you dress in a turkey costume today, you are going to get some airplay. It doesn't hurt if you've got some moves. Happy Thanksgiving...or dancing turkey day...however you celebrate.
Five Days of Making Turkeys With the Kids – Day 5
I'll be honest with you - on day 5 of making turkeys to decorate our house for Thanksgiving, we're a little tired. My kid has wandered off (3-year-olds aren't known for their outstanding attention span) and I would like to get the googly eyes off my kitchen table (and out of the carpe…
Five Days of Making Turkeys With the Kids – Day 4
This turkey is not just a turkey - it's a keepsake. Your child's hand print becomes the turkey on a shirt that they can wear on Thanksgiving and you can keep forever. And if you don't know how to sew, don't worry, I'll get you around that little obstacle.

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