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The Woods Family Gets to Meet Santa [VIDEO]
Well, every family is different and, thank goodness, Santa doesn't judge. If he did, the Woods family might have all ended up on the "naughty" list when we made Santa hold our chicken, Bawk.
This weekend, we visited the Tri-County Humane Society for a little sit down and photo …
Adopt a Freckle (or a Kitty Named Freckle) [VIDEO]
The Tri-County Humane Society visits the 98 Country studio every Tuesday with a pet that needs a home. All of these pets are perfect for someone but a few of the pets are uniquely talented.
Meet Freckle, a very attractive kitten with a very impressive leap.
We Welcome Rats Into the 98 Country Studio [VIDEO]
Anna from the Tri-County Humane Society brought a trio of rats into the studio this morning. Spring, Summer and Autumn are all girls and can be adopted out together or separately.
Every time we have rats in the studio, they win over the rat wussies with their cute little noses and friendly personalit…
Do You Love A Cat With A Goatee? [VIDEO]
We have never seen a cat with markings like these! Maurice is a four-month-old kitten up for adoption at the Tri-County Humane Society and his black markings on a white coat are fantastic. He even looks like he has a goatee.
You can get a peek at Maurice here or you can visit the Tri-County Humane So…
The Most Beautiful Kitten Ever Needs A Home [VIDEO]
I (seriously!) have never seen such a pretty kitty. Gypsea visited the 98 Country studio this morning and she is looking for a home. Not only is she beautiful, she is affectionate and curious. If you can give her a home, contact or visit the Tri-County Humane Society.
The Tri-County Humane Society Garage Sale Starts Today
Every Tuesday Jessica or Anna, from the Tri-County Humane Society, visit the 98 Country studio with a pet that needs a home. This is a great organization doing great things for great animals.While we understand that it's sometimes not possible to open up your home to a pet, here is a great way …
Give Cricket The Kitty A Home
Jessica, from the Tri-County Humane Society, brought an adorable kitty in to the 98 Country studios this morning. Cricket is a feisty little gray tabby that would make a great companion - especially for Sir Mix-A-Lot Fans!
Sophie The Cat, Sweet And In Need Of A Home
Sophie is a one-year-old cat in need of a home. She was in the 98 Country studio this morning and we had to wrestle her away from Ashley the Intern. She is a total sweetie and would make a great companion.

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