MSP Airport Closes as Storm Hits Minnesota
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Officials have closed Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to arriving and departing flights as a powerful storm system sweeps through the central U.S.
Airport officials cite the combination of heavy snow and low visibility Saturday...
Where Are The Best Places To Go Camping In Minnesota? [SURVEY]
This past weekend, I told my parents about my interest in going camping this summer. My dad pulled out the old tent we've had since I was a kid, and it still works perfectly!
So, where should I be going to enjoy a great camping experience here in Minnesota? Take the survey and let me know!
Minnesotans Might Need A Passport To Fly Within The U.S.
After the 9-11 attacks the Federal Government put new enhanced I.D. laws into place requiring states to upgrade I.D.s and Driver's Licenses effective January 2016, with the intent of protecting the friendly skies. The problem is the State of Minnesota isn't playing ball…

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