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Ann Curry Officially Leaving ‘Today’ Show
Whether you are an avid watcher of the 'Today' Show or not, chances are good you know who Ann Curry is. Last week there was speculation that she was going to be let go from the popular morning news show, and now it's official, but she won't be walking away empty handed.
President Obama…Can Sing! [VIDEO]
Last night the president visited the Apollo Theater in New York for a fundraiser and when he got on the podium instead of speaking, he first belted out a bit of Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together'. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized he didn't sound half bad...
‘Today’ Show Finds Monster 2,000-Pound Crocodile [VIDEO]
Fans of Brutus, the monstrous saltwater crocodile, take heart: He’s real! Ever since a photograph of the 18-foot-long, 2000-lb. crocodile surfaced earlier this week, some have alleged that it may have been a hoax.
So, an intrepid crew from ‘Today’ embarked on a tour of the Adelaide River in Australia…
Kenny Chesney Performs On Today Show [VIDEO]
Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter teamed up for Kenny's latest single 'You and Tequila' and both of them visited the Today Show this morning to perform it. Check out the video on the next page!
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