What Retired TV Show Needs A Reboot? [SURVEY]
We just got word that 90's TV sitcom Roseanne will be getting an 8 episode reboot. Just add that to the list of other classics being picked up by Netflix (including Full House and One Day at a Time). So, which TV show deserves another shot in the spotlight?
Famous TV Shows Based in Minnesota
Following the death of Mary Tyler Moore and realizing just how much attention her show brought to Minnesota, it made us reminisce on the different TV shows that were based right here in our home state! Check out the list here!
This is Minnesota’s Favorite TV Show?
The number crunchers at looked at the data and did a little math to determine each state's favorite TV show. Their conclusion is that people like TV shows where the characters are dramatic versions of themselves. So what does this say about us?
The CW Making a ‘Hunger Games’ Reality Series?
You might want to start stocking up on canned goods and elaborate wigs, because the dystopian future of 'The Hunger Games' might be here sooner than we thought. We've just learned that The CW has greenlit a new reality survival series entitled 'The Hunt,' whose premise should seem awfully familiar t…
Ashton Kutcher Taking up Country Music and Set to Play Steve Jobs
I thought Ashton Kutcher was busy enough with his new role on 'Two and a Half Men' and divorcing Demi Moore, but I guess he was looking for something more to add to his plate. It was announced yesterday (April 1) that Ashton has signed on to play the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in an indie biop…
‘Modern Family’ is Getting a Spinoff [VIDEO]
I love television! Seriously, so much so that I have 2 DVR's in my house. But in my defense I don't watch anything live, I DVR everything therefore one is just not enough. Ok, enough about my crazy TV obsession... 'Modern Family' is currently one of my favorite shows and I am not…
Watch a Montage of the Best TV Quotes of 2011 [VIDEO]
Sometimes a TV character will fire off a line of dialogue that is so good you find yourself quoting it the next day. The Huffington Post’s TV critic Maureen Ryan has compiled a list of her 11 most memorable TV lines of 2011, which includes remarks from the likes of ‘Parks and Recreation’s’ Ron Swans…

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