Help Budweiser Name Their New Clydesdale
Not only is the Clydesdale horse one of the most beautiful animals, it is also the mascot of Budweiser. The beer company has just welcomed a Clydesdale foal into their family and they are asking for your help in naming the new horse.
5 Brothers Besides the Harbaughs Who Faced Off For a Championship
Coaching brothers John and Jim Harbaugh are set to square off in the Super Bowl next month when the Ravens and the 49ers meet in the big game. This is every brother's dream, fulfilled; a nationally televised competition to see which brother reigns supreme, fueled by a combination of sibling riv…
7 Singers Other Than Christina Aguilera Who Flubbed the National Anthem
Christina Aguilera has the right kind of voice to belt out a memorable national anthem. Unfortunately, her performance at Super Bowl XLV will be remembered for the wrong reason.
As you’ve probably heard, Aguilera flubbed the anthem, forgetting the lyric "o’er the ramparts we watched."