Sugarland to Appear on ‘Dancing With the Stars’
Sugarland will appear on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ on Tuesday, March 27. The duo will turn up on the results episode for the week. It’s a big deal, since it’s actually the first results show of Season 14 and things sure are starting out Sugar-y sw…
Sugarland at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert [VIDEO]
I don't know why we never get to see the performances at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert. Maybe they're nervous that if they invite you and me to participate we'll get rowdy, have too much fun and things will get very...well, not peaceful. So,'s Sugarland's perfo…
Jennifer Nettles Casts Her Husband [VIDEO]
The big news today is the (oh, so very secretive) wedding of Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles last weekend. One of the perks of being a Country star - hiring good-looking guys who may become your future husband to star in your video.

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