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Sheryl Crow Reveals She Has a Brain Tumor
Singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow has revealed that a brain tumor is what has been causing recent memory lapses. The star and longtime friend to country music recently told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that she visited a doctor after becoming frustrated with her dulled memory.
Kristin Chenoweth Goes Country? [VIDEO]
Kristin Chenoweth may not be a name you are familiar, but you have seen her throughout the years. If you haven't, you've been living under a rock! She's been on countless TV shows, movies and Broadway shows. Now she's coming to Nashville to try her hand at country music!
Sheryl Crow Is Recording A Country Album!
Sheryl Crow is working on a new album right now, and even though she's mostly known for being a mainstream rocker, this album is going to be 'old-fashioned' country! Find out what big country star she's been working with.

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