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Lady Antebellum Covers ‘Red Solo Cup’ [VIDEO]
Toby Keith's 'Red Solo Cup' was recently covered by Lady Antebellum along side the Warren Brothers who co-wrote the massive hit with another set of brothers. Lady A performed the song during a concert in Tampa, Florida last Friday (May 11) and they rocked it with red cups in hand.
Toby Keith’s ‘Red Solo Cup’ Performed by 3-Year-Old
Toby Keith‘s ‘Red Solo Cup’ has caught on with the sippy cup crowd. This recently uploaded YouTube video shows a 3-year-old girl in a car seat belting out the chorus of Keith’s viral hit. Fast forward to the 20-second mark to watch her really scream the ly…
Cheers to Toby Keith’s “Red Solo Cup” [VIDEO]
I'm so sorry. So very, very sorry. Once you hear this awesome party song from Toby Keith you WILL have it in your head for the rest of the day. But that's okay, because so will everyone else.
And everyone includes Eric Church, Ted Nugent, Larry Bird, Carrot Top and many other famous fans of…