5 Best Margarita Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Though many argue about who actually invented the margarita, the drink first appeared on Mexican bar menus in  the '30s and '40s. Prepare for your own Cinco de Mayo party by making a batch of the tasty libation: we've concocted a list of the best margarita recipes to help you out…

Lynn’s Cocktail Meatball Recipe
Now that it is officially November the holidays are literally just around the corner, and that means lots of food! So I figured this was an appropriate time to share with you my recipe for my favorite cocktail meatballs.
Lynn’s Rice Salad Recipe
Sunday evening I made one of my favorite salads to bring for lunch. And just like every time a cook, I made way more than I should have. So instead of eating it just Monday, I got to eat it yesterday, and again today.
Every day around noon I let you know what I am having for lunch, and  I got an e-ma…

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