Animals Trying To Stay Awake
Remember when you were a little kid and you were trying to stay awake for whatever reason?  Well, these animals are having the same problems with hilarious results.
It’s Almost Game Day! – Puppy Bowl VIII [VIDEO]
Now that the playoff games are in the history books, it's time to get excited about the big game! Puppy Bowl VIII will be played in all it's furry, slobbering glory Sunday, February 5th at 2pm on Animal Planet. Check out the lineup and the pregame show with a peak at the new Chicken Cheerl…
Have a Happy, Puppy Christmas [VIDEO]
Combine puppies and Christmas and what do you get? A super fuzzy, joyful holiday...and maybe a present or two that could use a little sanitation. Hope your Christmas is fuzzy and joyful...and Santa cleans up all the messes.
For A Two-Year-Old, Happiness Is A Pile Of Puppies
My parents volunteer for RAGOM, a Golden Retriever rescue organization. Right now, they are fostering a Mom and her seven puppies. This weekend my two-year-old, Elena, and I decided it was puppy time! Click on the gallery to see all our photos...