Top 3 Celebrities to Leave the USA [RESULTS]
We asked Central Minnesotans which anti-Trump celebrity should be the first to leave our country - and the results are in! Check out the top 3 celebrities that have until January 1st to vacate US soil.
Which Celebrity Should Leave The US of A? [Vote]
After the election, lots of people are wondering which celebrities will keep good on their promise to leave the United States if Donald J. Trump got elected. So, who do you think should be the first to leave? Check out the list of who were quoted on their decision, and vote for your #1 celebrity to …
Where Do I Go To Cast My Vote Early? [ANSWERS!]
This morning before work, I participated in democracy! And I did it all before the craziness of Election Day. Want to avoid the stress of trying to cast your vote on November 8th? Then get it done with Absentee Voting! Get the details on where you need to go HERE!
Ashley Judd Considering Run for U.S. Senate in 2014
Actress Ashley Judd could be looking toward politics for her next job. The younger sister to Wynonna Judd and daughter to Naomi Judd is said to be considering a run for U.S. Senate in 2014, but in a statement, she would only go as far as indicating that it's possible -- but too early -- to disc…

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