My Trip To The North Shore [Pics]
I have just got back from a week off - and I during that time I got to spend a few days in Duluth Minnesota! Check out the pictures from my epic (yet very cold!) visit to the North Shore!
98.1’s ‘A Central Minnesotan Christmas’ 2016
Central Minnesotan's are joining the conversation about what the holidays mean to them - because we all know it means something different to everyone! Check out the submissions we have received so far from Minnesotan's just like yourself - and join in by submitting your own picture here fo…
Let’s See Those Supermoon Photos!
On Monday, November 14th, we had an amazing view of the Supermoon! This was the closest the moon has been in orbit to Earth since 1948 - and we won't see another one like it until 2034!
Today Is My Baby’s 6th Birthday! [PICTURES!]
Okay okay, I know she's not ACTUALLY my daughter, but she might as well be. I love her four furry paws with all my heart, and we are celebrating Piper's 6th birthday today! (10.21.16) Check out the pictures!

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