opie's angels

Opie’s Angel Wish – Car Accident [AUDIO]
Are you prepared for an accident? What would you do if you couldn't work tomorrow? Our last Opie's Angel was left unable to work due to a car accident and we're making sure his family's Christmas wishes come true.
Opie’s Angel Wish – Helping Mom [AUDIO]
Opie's Angels continues to help people in our area get through the struggle of the holidays. Some of the letters we have received are heart breaking and it makes you realize that this program is truly putting smiles on people's faces.
This letter came to us from a 15 year old who wants to n…
Opie’s Angels Wish – Monster Trucks [AUDIO]
Each year we team up with Opie's One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning to give back to the local community. Individuals are nominated for the program and Opie's Angels grants selected wishes.

Here's another Opie's Angel Wish.
Give Someone You Know a Helping Hand
With the holiday season upon us, many of the people we know will go without this holiday. But there is something you can do about that, nominate someone you know for Opie's Angel Tree.