nashville kat

Make Your Own Snow Globes
Last week, Nashville Kat told us that Taylor Swift was making her own snow globes. I immediately thought, "Anything Taylor can do, we can do better!" And before I could think about how much that statement isn't true, my daughter and I went ahead and made some snow globes.
Nashville Kat Has a New Puppy
Nashville Kat and her husband have two (very large) Great Danes but she has been talking about adding to her pack for a while. She wanted the new member of her family to be a smaller rescue dog and she has finally found her new "Pal".
James Otto or Reba?
Nashville Kat had a neat story this morning about a great opportunity for James Otto. James is so excited that he's celebrating with a wardrobe change. He sent this picture out on twitter, so he must have wanted us to see it.
Nashville Kat Has The Latest From Nashville
Wolf and I experienced "technical problems" (that's what we say when we make a mistake) Friday morning and couldn't get Nashville Kat on the air. So, I asked her to give us the scoop because I know I didn't want to miss out. Here it is...

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