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Country Star Wedding News from Nashville Kat [AUDIO]
Carrie Underwood wants to change her hair color, how you could have seen a free Jake Owen concert this morning and Brad Paisley (will he have to be censored?) visits South Park tonight. This is what you missed if you missed Nashville Kat this morning.
Make Your Own Snow Globes
Last week, Nashville Kat told us that Taylor Swift was making her own snow globes. I immediately thought, "Anything Taylor can do, we can do better!" And before I could think about how much that statement isn't true, my daughter and I went ahead and made some snow globes.
Nashville Kat Has a New Puppy
Nashville Kat and her husband have two (very large) Great Danes but she has been talking about adding to her pack for a while. She wanted the new member of her family to be a smaller rescue dog and she has finally found her new "Pal".
James Otto or Reba?
Nashville Kat had a neat story this morning about a great opportunity for James Otto. James is so excited that he's celebrating with a wardrobe change. He sent this picture out on twitter, so he must have wanted us to see it.
Fantasy Hunting is the New Fantasy Football [VIDEO]
This morning Nashville Kat  told us that fantasy football isn’t the cool thing right now - it’s fantasy hunting and Craig Morgan’s just signed on as a player.
I'm sure Mrs. Morgan is thrilled that Craig will be spending his time "Fant…
Nashville Kat Has The Latest From Nashville
Wolf and I experienced "technical problems" (that's what we say when we make a mistake) Friday morning and couldn't get Nashville Kat on the air. So, I asked her to give us the scoop because I know I didn't want to miss out. Here it is...

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