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Worst Twins Season Ever Mercifully Ends with Win
As Gerald Ford said in his inauguration on August 9, 1974, "My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.” Fast forward ahead 42 years and you can apply the same thoughts to this year's Twins season. Done. Over. Finished. See you on opening day!
With 103rd Loss, this Twins Team is Officially Worst Ever
With last night's 7-3 loss in Chicago to the White Sox, the 2016 Minnesota Twins have officially become the worst team in team history -- tallying their 103rd loss of the season. The previous Twins record of 102 was set in 1982 (and of course earlier this week).
I’m Not The Twins Jinx Anymore!
I'm proud to report I'm not the Minnesota Twins team curse anymore! I went to a game on Friday night as a science experiment. It's the 6th or 7th game I've been to this season, and up until Friday, they had lost EVERY game that I've been to.
Minnesota Now Among Most Pro Sports-Cursed Markets
Now that long-losing Cleveland has won a pro-sports title (their first since 1964), it's time to see what pro-sports markets are in the longest championship drought. Good news, Minnesota is in the Top-Five. (#Wild, #Twins, #Vikings, #Timberwolves)
Minnesota Twins Pitching Coach Arrested For DWI
Not that I don't understand how this year's team might drive a coach to drink, but getting behind the wheel was a horrible idea. Minnesota Twins pitching coach Neil Allen was arrested early this morning on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.
Where Does This Twins Season Rank Among The All-Time Worst?
With the Minnesota Twins 10-4 loss last night to the Kansas City Royals at Target Field, their record has fallen to an embarrassing 11 wins and 33 losses. Even for dissapointment-conditioned Minnesota sports fan like us, this is hard to swallow -- but how does it c…

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