Marriage Proposal

Guy Proposes While On Fire [VIDEO]
This video just proves there is true love.  For a man to set himself on fire for his woman is the most romantic thing I have ever seen (kinda making me tear up).  Join Ricky and me Tuesday morning as we explore other great ways to propose...
A Proposal That Took Six Years [VIDEO]
Is six years too long to wait for a marriage proposal? Not when it's as, "OMG! It's just like a movie!" romantic as this one was. I hope this guy gets a lot of love from his woman because every other guy on the planet right now.
The Coolest Marriage Proposal Ever [VIDEO]
This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! Guys if you haven't yet proposed to that special lady I suggest one of two things: you either don't ever let her see this video, or you start planning now. This may be impossible to top, so you probably have a better chance at keeping her from …