Justin Bieber

SNL: Justin Bieber on the Miley Cyrus Show
If there's one thing that we learned from last night's Saturday Night Live, it's that Justin Bieber can't act. Like, at all. However, he can self-deprecate with the best of them, which is sometimes all you need to squeak by with hosting duties. Yesterday's episode also saw the return of The Miley Cy…
Barak Obama ‘Sings’ Justin Bieber [VIDEO]
We all feel the need to belt out a good tune every once in a while right? Whether you're alone in your car or in the shower, or maybe you have been blessed with a good enough voice to sing in public from time to time. Well President Obama clearly has no shame in his singing abilities, check out…
The Justin Bieber Wedding Dance [VIDEO]
You know you are in love if you allow your man to dance to an entire Justin Bieber song at your wedding.  I will give it to the guy tho,  he did a great job.
Bieber Cuts His Hair
Justin Bieber is famous for his hair - he's now making headlines for cutting his hair! We've got the pic for you!