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Nastiest Lawsuits in Country Music
The music business is a high-stakes, high-risk venture, and it's not unusual for artists to wind up in court to defend their interests, as we'll see in this gallery of the nastiest country music lawsuits.
Alleged John Rich Stalker Arrested
A 36-year-old attorney from Brentwood, Tenn. was arrested over the weekend and charged with aggravated stalking in a case involving John Rich. Mark Christopher Sevier is accused of stalking Rich, even after police issued restraining orders in July and August 2012. The two men have a relationship tha…
Blake Shelton Loves His Hot Cans [AUDIO]
Blake's are full of cocoa, someone's going to live with John Rich and Brad Paisley's waiting for someone to do something stupid. Maybe he should try living with John Rich and Blake Shelton? Nashville Kat's got the goods today.
Country Stars Pay Tribute to Donna Summer [AUDIO]
See Carrie Underwood perform and spill about home life on Sunday, Alan Jackson will spend his Sunday playing a parking lot and John Rich had the grossest thing EVER thrown at him at a recent concert! Get the latest from Nashville Kat.
John Rich Gets Kicked Off Airplane
On Sunday John Rich (of Big & Rich) was supposed to fly from Las Vegas to Nashville on a Southwest Airlines flight, but was kicked off the plane before he even found his seat.

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