health food challenge

The Health Food Challenge (With Surprise Ending) [VIDEO]
We all want to be healthy...we just don't want to eat healthy things. That's why we have Intern Katie eat the oddly-colored, weird-smelling, awful-tasting foods that are supposed to do wonders for your health.
It's our attempt to make the world healthy one intern at a time but this mor…
Ricky’s Chickens Take the Health Food Challenge
Yesterday, Intern Carrie went beyond the call of duty when she downed some Kefir for the sake of the Health Food Challenge. Kefir is a fermented milk product and it was not a hit (to put it nicely) and we had a lot left over. What to do, what to do?
The Health Food Challenge Gets Crazy Gross [VIDEO]
Last week's seaweed Health Food Challenge didn't seem to phase Intern Carrie much so we knew we had to try harder this week. Bring on the Kefir!
The bottle says you'll love the luscious taste of this yogurt-like drink. We'd have to disagree with that statement. See how Intern Carr…