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Refining Motion Issues for Canada Geese
It was during a spring snow goose hunt in Kansas last year that I really go to thinking about the unique characteristics of Canada geese. Unlike snow geese, they do not like an abundance of motion in the decoy spread. However, there is no doubt that some action is needed.
Tactical Thoughts for Fooling Canada Geese
Every year when goose season starts, I hear people talking about strategies that will help them defeat the wiles of the Canada goose. After years of trying to solve this problem, I have come to the conclusion that there are tactics that will put the odds in your favor. However, geese are geese and t…
Location, Location: Get It Right For More Geese
Refining Location Strategies for Geese
The rolling hills of the North Dakota wheat stubble all looked the same in the dark. As we bounced along over the rough ground, I was thankful we had taken the time to carefully plan this hunt. Without the extra effort from the day before, finding the one spot t…