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Looking for Jarred Kitten? [VIDEO]
Kittens and are probably one of the funniest things to watch. Their curiosity will often get them into a situation where they aren't sure how to get out. Take this kitten. It's curiosity got it stuck inside a jar. I dare you to watch this video without laughing.
Baby Gets Scared by Reporter [VIDEO]
When you work in this business, sometimes it is difficult to find a new way to spin a story. So one reporter was just trying to get a different perspective and wound up scaring a little boy. The best part is this kids face.
People Running Into Things is Just Funny [VIDEO]
I don't care who you are, if you see someone walk into a closed door, a power pole or a street sign, I know you will laugh. Sure, you might make sure they are ok, but you will laugh. If you are in need of a laugh today, check out these great moments of people walking into things.
What Did We Do Before YouTube? [VIDEO]
Technology of today has given us great advancements in communicating with each other. Sometimes this is a great thing, sometimes it's not so great. Remember what we did before YouTube? Take a peek at this video and you'll instantly remember.

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