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Serenading Unicorn Serenades Sarah Silverman
I only posted this cause it had a unicorn in it.  This is proof that unicorn's do exist.   Sarah is finally going public about her relationship with Juicy Fruit's Serenading Unicorn...
Sleep Running Dog Runs Into Wall
YouTube - Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog.
The other day Ricky posted a video of a dog running into the bed.  It reminded of this video that I saw a few years ago.  Thought I would share.
The 30 Second Once A Day Workout
You may laugh but this lady is really 90 years old.  The lion techniques she teaches you, will keep you young.  Try to follow along.  LOL
What If Cats Had Thumbs?
Cats would probably take over the world if they had thumbs.  Ricky wished her cat did, so it could help cook dinner.
Wisdom Tooth Surgery
When I had my wisdom teeth pulled I couldn't keep my eyes open.  Unlike this girl.  haha
The Bambi Of Ballet [VIDEO]
Gotta love little ones.  This is just to cute.  All you have to do is make the letter V with your feet.  Saw this video and had to post it.
Babies Are Kinda Like Drunk People
Never really thought about it before, but babies kinda act like drunk people.   The Baby was not really drinking beer.  Just want to save my butt.  LOL
Dog Keeps Beat To Music
YouTube - Dog Keeps Beat To Music.
Are dogs really smarter then cats.  Well musically,  I think  they are.

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