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Naughty Kids? Threaten to Tell Santa [VIDEO]
If the kids are getting a little stir crazy with the knowledge that Santa Clause will be coming to town in a matter of days, here is a great way to keep them in line - threaten to tell Santa that they are being naughty. Worked like a charm on this kid.
Everyone Loves a Good Prank…Right? [VIDEO]
Working retail on Black Friday has got to be stressful, and I'm willing to bet this Target employee had enough to deal with on one of the busiest shopping days of the year without being pranked. But it sure does make for some great entertainment for the rest of us.
Keith Urban’s New Cologne Ad [VIDEO]
Keith Urban recently visited the Ellen DeGeneres Show where the two of them filmed an ad for Keith's new cologne called 'Phoenix'. So much for the mascara I put on this morning! I laughed so hard I cried it all off. You have to see this!
It’s a Car Horn Smackdown [VIDEO]
Well, here it is...a Monday. One of those Mondays where you sigh and think - really? I've got to do this whole thing all over again?
The least I can hope for is a small laugh - and a small one is what you'll get when you watch these two guys battle it out with their car horns...
Remote Control Roundup [VIDEO]
Next time the cows get out, no need to send Lassie, or the kids, to the rescue - all you need is a remote control car and (by the looks of this video) your work will be done in record time with no excessive effort.
If you don't have cows, you should still watch this video for its pure entertainm…
News Weather Graphics Fail [VIDEO]
I  love these "live on the air"  kind of videos.  Maybe because I can relate to things going wrong on the show, but knowing I have to keep things moving right along.
“Pew! Pew!” Says Dog. Works Every Time. [VIDEO]
Anyone with Labs know that these two are about to cause some trouble. Though, I have to say, I've never seen this exact sort of trouble from any of my dogs before.
If you've got ten seconds (sure you do - the boss didn't mean "now!" when the boss said "now!&a…

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