People of Wal-Mart Get Sexy Treatment [VIDEO]
We've all been out shopping and had one of those "WHAT THE?!!" moments. Sometimes it is at the mall, other times it is at Wal-Mart. More often than not it is at Wal-Mart. Now we can set those OMG moments to music and have our jaws drop in sheer shock that someone would actually go out…
Kim Kardashian for Mayor [VIDEO]
I have no shame in telling you I'm a fan of the Kardashian clan, but even I think this is a bit of a stretch for Kim. Currently, people of the city of Glendale, California are campaigning to get Kim to run for mayor of the city, and she seems to be on board with the idea.
Henri the Cat’s Life is Hilarious [VIDEOS]
We always wonder what a cat's life is really like. Do they really enjoy being with us humans or are they secretly just being nice so we feed them and change their litter? Find out what's on Henri's mind in these hilarious videos.
Why Not be a Celebrity for the Day? [VIDEO]
When we were kids we pretended lots of things. We were fire fighters, doctors, soldiers, even cowboys and Indians. So why can't you pretend to be a celebrity for the day? One guy did and it turned out to be hilarious!
Drunk Man Picks Fight With Sign, Then Steals It [VIDEO]
We all know there are cameras everywhere. Roads, businesses even in the hands of toddlers. Some of us are smart enough not to do something dumb on camera. The rest of us are sure thankful there are those that choose to be caught in the act of being dumb.
Pajama Jeans…Really? [VIDEO]
So I have seen the 'Pajama Jeans'  informercial before but I thought there was no way these things would ever catch on, I mean how lazy can we really be? Apparently I was wrong. Watch the video for a good laugh, but please don't actually order them.

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