Yup, That’s a Dog…Driving…Totally Normal. [VIDEO]
I really can't decide how I feel about this...I mean yeah it's cute, but isn't it also a little weird? Scary even? I just can't imagine a dog has the best steering ability with that whole paw thing they've got going on. Hmm, you should probably watch to see what happens.
Invisible Driver Prank is Awesome! [VIDEO]
I'm pretty sure I could spend all day on YouTube watching pranks...wait a minute, that's exactly what I do. But the best part is when I find one that is worthy enough to share it with you. Trust me, I have watched a lot of these so I only bring you the best of the best, and this one is ran…
Drunken Man Goes for Joyride on Airport Runway
An airport can be one of the quietest places in the world to spend Christmas Eve; that is as long as there isn’t a deviant bartender somewhere in the place feeding last-minute travelers a high-octane concoction of holiday despair and Makers Mark. At that point, everything from hurt f…
10 Christmas Fails to Get You Through the Holidays
Attention everyone: we now officially have T-minus eight days until Christmas, and preparation time is running out faster than we can shove holiday cookies in our mouths. We still have to buy last-minute presents, dig out those stockings from the back of our closets and make time for that awful offi…
10 Festive Christmas Photobombs
Contrary to popular belief, photobombing is super hard, and it requires a lot of skill. For starters, you have to get the timing down perfectly and do it so no one posing actually notices your moves leading up to the photobomb.
Best Elevator Prank Ever! [VIDEO]
Elevators can be awkward right? Getting into a tiny space with total strangers, even for a short amount of time, is never pleasant, it's just weird. But this specific talking elevator takes the awkwardness to another level by making it down-right embarrassing.
The Show Must Go On – Reporter Hit by Foul Ball [VIDEO]
Last night turned out to be the final game of the World Series when the San Francisco Giants defeated the Detroit Tigers and took the title of World Series champs 2012. Unfortunately one sports reporter didn't have quite the luck the Giants did when he took a foul ball to the leg in between cam…
Hilarious News Blooper Caused by a Fish [VIDEO]
Being a television news reporter has got to be a difficult job. You never know what could happen as you report on any particular story. In most cases there is a lot of opportunity for things to go wrong, and the beauty of it all - the camera is always rolling. In this case, a simple story about a fi…

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