Which Minnesota City is Best For You? [Quiz]
If you're thinking of relocating to the wonderful state of Minnesota - maybe you should take this quiz before you decide on which city! Or maybe, you've been living in the wrong city this entire time! Take the quiz from and find out which Minnesota city is the best for you!
Leave It Better Than You Found It
We did a lot of camping as a family when I was a kid. We packed up our van (mom and dad did all the work, but I still like to say we), and the five of us piled in for more hours in a vehicle than any family should ever spend together. Our itinerary usually took us west.
What’s on Dave’s iPod? Fun. [VIDEOS]
Over the last few weeks I have spoken to several groups and the same question keeps coming up. Do you just listen to country music or what else are you listening to? I have decided to share a little of what you will find in my iPod.