Soup and Chili Bowl Returns to Cold Spring
January in Minnesota always means cold temperatures. What better way to warm up than with a hot cup of soup or chili right? How about 40 cups? The best place to get that is at the Soup & Chili Bowl in Cold Spring!
Want Something For Free? I’ve Got the Best Free Wi-Fi Spots
Free is a wonderful thing. Just put the word “free” in front of something and someone will be very excited about having it. I know, I put an old couch on Craig’s List for free and you would have thought it was Luke Bryan for all the attention it received. Say free and people don’t even care if it ha…
Beagle Breaks Free [VIDEO]
I used to have a Beagle so I know they're stubborn. My dog, Cassy, once decided she didn't want to be on a walk anymore - so walked herself three miles home...without me! This dog deserves to be free!