Cut Loose! Blake’s Video for “Footloose” is Here [Video]
You might have heard that Hollywood is remaking the movie Footloose. Now, it doesn't matter if we think they should or not because they have and it's coming out next Friday.
The soundtrack has also been redone by a new group of artists including Big & Rich, Zac Brown and Blake Shelton on the titl…
Blake Shelton Remakes “Footloose” [AUDIO] [VIDEO]
I have been really curious about Blake Shelton's remake of Kenny Loggins' "Footloose". Well, it's out and I really like it - it might even be better than the original!
I grew up in the eighties so I really liked the movie and who didn't have a crush on Kevin Bacon? (Okay, maybe just us girl…
Blake Shelton to Cover ‘Footloose’ for Movie Remake Soundtrack
Country singer and ‘Voice’ co-host Blake Shelton will cover the title track for the upcoming ‘Footloose’ remake, revealed exclusively on Monday.
Shelton is just one of many famous names to appear on the soundtrack. Also lending their voices are Zac Brown Band, who will sing ‘When the River Goe…