Your Purse is Dirtier Than…A Toilet Seat?
Yes, it's true.  That cute little summer purse you just bought or dug out of your closet is dirtier than a toilet seat.  Sure, you might be like me and you're careful not to set them on the ground or in places that are filthy but it doesn't matter...
2013 Academy Awards – Lynn’s Best Dressed [VIDEO]
If I'm being totally honest, when it comes to the Oscars there are only two things I care about: the fashion and the host. Almost every other award show entices me with some kind of entertainment value, but it's no secret, the Oscars are stuffy and kind of boring. So I hunkered down for the red carp…
Noooo! Scrunchies are Back in Fashion
In the fashion industry one minute you're in and the next you're out. As the decades pass certain trends come and go and evolve over time, but there are some trends that should never ever, ever, make a comeback, in my opinion the scrunchie is one of them.