Minnesotans Ranked Best Drivers in the Country
Hard to believe, but according to CarInsuranceComparison.com, Minnesota has the best drivers in the country. So no matter how bad you think it is here -- it's worse everywhere else. How's that for a scary thought? (Buckle up!)
Can You Drive A Manual Car? [VOTE]
As I get older, the more I notice that lots of people have never driven a manual car before. Do you know the ways around a stick shift engine? Let's see how many central Minnesotans know the skill!
Who Are Worse Drivers? Minnesotans or Wisconsiners [POLL]
Every day, I have to drive 180 mi. round trip for work. With all that time on the road, I tend to notice some "bad" patterns. Maybe it's just me, but I think drivers with Wisconsin plates are horrible drivers! (Sorry!)
There has always been a crazy feud between Minnesota and Wi…

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