Dog Tries to Bite Passing Cars [VIDEO]
Sometimes I run across a little nugget that's too funny not to share with you. Take this pup. He's riding down the road with his head out the window like most dogs do, it's what he does to the passing cars that's hilarious.
Rascal Flatts’ Joe Don Rooney Gets a New Puppy
We’ve posted plenty of photos of country stars’ adorable pets, but Joe Don Rooney’s sweet brindle bulldog might win the prize for the cutest puppy ever. The Rascal Flatts guitarist tweeted a photo of the brown ball of wrinkles earlier this week, and ev…
Miranda Lambert’s Dog Passes Away
Miranda Lambert really can’t seem to catch a break. After losing her father-in-law (Blake Shelton‘s dad) just a few weeks ago, Lambert was then saddened by the loss of a longtime friend, who was killed in a tragic car accident. Today, the ‘Baggage Claim’ s…
Dog Punches Man (Who Deserves It) [VIDEO]
Dogs must think we're such morons. This dog (who's obviously operating on a much higher plain than mere humans) finally does something about the idiot who claims to be his best friend and clocks him in the face.
Every New Mom Needs This Dog [VIDEO]
Well, I was a new mom once. And while parenting doesn't seem to be getting any easier, that newborn crying sure is tough to take. Luckily for this mom she doesn't have to - she has an awesome dog.
Nashville Kat Has a New Puppy
Nashville Kat and her husband have two (very large) Great Danes but she has been talking about adding to her pack for a while. She wanted the new member of her family to be a smaller rescue dog and she has finally found her new "Pal".
Dog in Tank Costume Wins PetSmart Halloween Contest [VIDEO]
While pets are usually ambivalent about the Halloween costumes their owners dress them in, Tangent the chihuahua seems pretty pleased with the added firepower of his spiffy tank get up.
The tank, which took first prize at the local Petsmart’s Halloween contest, features a gun that lig…

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