The Weekender: Hockey Day, Love Songs, Dancing and More!
You won't find a shortage of fun activities to do this weekend around Central Minnesota. Check out Hockey Day Minnesota out at Lake George, enjoy some dancing at Paramount Theatre, listen to the sounds of a premier men's ensemble performing in downtown St. Cloud, share some love songs with…
The Weekender: Dancing, Louie Anderson, Skiing and More!
There is plenty of fun family activities you can do to start of your new year throughout Central Minnesota this weekend. Share some laughs at Paramount Theatre with Louie Anderson, check out some local dance teams with the Cathedral Crusaderette Dance Competition, hear some great music at the Local …
Could This be any Cuter?! [VIDEO]
One of the latest videos to go viral on the internet is this one right here. Watch these super adorable twin girls (who clearly have an ear for good music) dance while their dad plays the guitar. I love it!
Happy Dancing Turkey Day! [VIDEO]
Well, you know if you dress in a turkey costume today, you are going to get some airplay. It doesn't hurt if you've got some moves. Happy Thanksgiving...or dancing turkey day...however you celebrate.
Dishes Done with Style to Michael Jackson [VIDEO]
We are all being video taped all the time. Right now, that scratch you just scratched? Caught on tape. So, if you are dancing in your kitchen to Michael Jackson just know that it will be broadcast on YouTube. Good thing a parent's number one job is to embarrass their children - otherwise this v…
We Miss Wolf, But You Don’t Have To [VIDEO]
Well, Wolf has been on vacation all week and something has definitely been missing. Today, I think I figured out what it is.
Silly kitty videos!
So, in honor of Wolf, I will share the videos I think he would have wanted you to see if he had been here. Enjoy the Fourth and the return of Wolf on Tuesday…

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