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Coldest Temperature Ever Recorded on Earth
You think it's cold in Minnesota this morning? You should have been in East Antartica in August of 2010 when the coldest temperature ever on Earth was recorded. Scientists say that the temperature that day was equivalent to a nice summer day on Mars.
Just How Cold Has This Winter Been In St. Cloud?
The average high for March 2rd is 32˚. The record high is 53˚ (just so you know what's possible). We won't make it above zero again today. Pipes are freezing up. Cars aren't starting. And the patience of usually hearty Minnesotans is wearing thin. But just how cold has it be…
Brace For ‘Historic’ Cold Temperatures
There's no way to sugar-coat this, the high on Monday is forecast to be -19˚ (and that's not including the wind chill). Low's Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday mornings are forecast to be -23˚, -30˚, and -25˚ respectively. The National Weather Service has issued a Wind C…