Lady Antebellum Show Their Christmas Spirit in Funny New Video
Lady Antebellum couldn’t let 2011 fade into 2012 without wishing their fans a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. In their latest webisode, which wraps up the first leg of their Own the Night Tour, Hillary Scott gives viewers some insight into what, exactly, the boys do on the bus …
Naughty Kids? Threaten to Tell Santa [VIDEO]
If the kids are getting a little stir crazy with the knowledge that Santa Clause will be coming to town in a matter of days, here is a great way to keep them in line - threaten to tell Santa that they are being naughty. Worked like a charm on this kid.
8 Holiday Pet-Proofing Tips
Here’s a question that Vetstreet’s Dr. Patty Khuly gets asked often this time of the year: How do you keep all those pets of yours out of trouble?
It’s a great question when you’ve got tinsel, glittery ornaments and all manner of holiday trappings decking your halls, walls and — most menacingly of al…
Singing Christmas Hedgehogs [VIDEO]
I spend a lot of time looking at videos on the internet everyday (a really embarrassing amount of time...embarrassing) but I have not seen anything that tickled me so much as these singing Christmas Hedgehogs.....well, ever.
Stocking Stuffers: 12 Days of Christmas
In this country, most folks celebrate Christmas with an exchange of gifts on Christmas Day. Others take a little longer to do their celebrating.
While times have changed somewhat, Christmas traditionally has been celebrated as a 12-day holiday.

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