A Holiday Lesson: What’s The Right Age?
This morning Cindy and I received an email from a 98 Country listener asking for some help. A mother in Waite Park (Sam) wants to know if 4-years old is too young to teach a holiday lesson about giving (or not getting). Here's the email. What do you think?
Happy Holidays (or) Merry Christmas?
Cindy and I received an email from a listener in St. Cloud this morning, complaining that we sometimes say 'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Merry Christmas.' She insists that we say 'Merry Christmas,' stating that the whole reason for the season is the birth of Christ. Here…
10 Unusual Historical Events That Happened During Christmas
Everyone knows Christmas Day is all about tearing open presents, spending time with loved ones, gorging on lots of good food and celebrating the holiday spirit in general. Even though most of us have got the holiday thing down by now, some folks out there might not be aware of some of the unusual an…
Smart Last Minute Christmas Gifts
At this time of the year, everything you want to buy is going to be too expensive, the wrong size or have any number of other things wrong with it, but there are a few last minute gifts that don't look cheap or thoughtless.
10 Christmas Fails to Get You Through the Holidays
Attention everyone: we now officially have T-minus eight days until Christmas, and preparation time is running out faster than we can shove holiday cookies in our mouths. We still have to buy last-minute presents, dig out those stockings from the back of our closets and make time for that awful offi…

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