How Will Two And A Half Men Introduce Ashton? [VIDEO]
Next month Two And A Half Men returns to CBS without Charlie Sheen. It has been confirmed that Ashton Kutcher will replace Sheen on the show, but how will they work that into the script?
What we have heard so far is that Charlie's character will be killed off in the 2-part season premiere...
Carrie Underwood Joins ‘Blue Bloods’
Carrie Underwood made her silver screen debut as a church youth counselor in 'Soul Surfer' earlier this year, and now she is making an appearance in the popular crime drama 'Blue Bloods' with another special guest.
‘All My Children’ Sets End Date
It’s the end of an era. Well, almost. confirmed Thursday that ABC’s long-running soap opera, ‘All My Children,’ will officially go off the air on Friday, Sept. 23. Among the stars returning to bid adieu are Josh Duhamel and Carol Burnett.
Ashton Kutcher To Replace Charlie Sheen
If you are like me, you were worried that on of your favorite comedies wasn't going to be seen on television ever again - except in re-runs. Well, it looks like Two And A Half Men will return to prime time with a new face next season! But will it be the same?
Katie Couric Leaves CBS Evening News
It's official: Katie Couric is leaving 'CBS Evening News.'
The veteran news anchor confirmed the news Tuesday in an exclusive statement to PEOPLE, saying, "I have decided to step down from the 'CBS Evening News.' I'm really proud of the talented team on the CBS Evening News and the award-winning…