One Cat, One Dog, One Adorable Wrestling Matchup [VIDEO]
Cats and dogs may be natural enemies — but given the right critters with the right temperaments, they can also be the best of friends.
These two adorable buddies prove they’re species-blind as they romp and play, and the kitty seems completely undaunted to be engaging in horsepl…
Do You Love A Cat With A Goatee? [VIDEO]
We have never seen a cat with markings like these! Maurice is a four-month-old kitten up for adoption at the Tri-County Humane Society and his black markings on a white coat are fantastic. He even looks like he has a goatee.
You can get a peek at Maurice here or you can visit the Tri-County Humane So…
This Is About A Cat And A Box [VIDEO]
We seem to put every cat video that is made on our website.  I couldn't let this one slip through the cracks.  If you are still watching after 5o sec, maybe you should go buy a cat and a box.
Give Cricket The Kitty A Home
Jessica, from the Tri-County Humane Society, brought an adorable kitty in to the 98 Country studios this morning. Cricket is a feisty little gray tabby that would make a great companion - especially for Sir Mix-A-Lot Fans!

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