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Billy Ray Cyrus Gifts Miley With $24K Gift for 21st Birthday
Billy Ray Cyrus has said again and again that his daughter, Miley Cyrus, will always be his little girl -- twerking and all. So when her 21st birthday rolled around on Nov. 23, he went all out on her birthday present, spending $24,000 on an extremely lavish surprise. Only the best for his daughter!
Billy Ray Cyrus, ‘Hope Is Just Ahead’ [Listen]
'Hope Is Just Ahead,' the new single from Billy Ray Cyrus, takes a big picture look at the world we live in while offering some consolation to those buried in a depressing news cycle. While it's not clear if the singer penned this song about any specific event, fans will no doubt reca…
Billy Ray Cyrus’ Daughter Miley Cyrus Engaged
Every since Billy Ray Cyrus had his heyday in country music in the 1990s, country fans have seen Miley Cyrus grow up right before their eyes. And now the pop princess about to take a major leap into adulthood: She’s getting married!
Nashville Kat Has The Latest From Nashville
Wolf and I experienced "technical problems" (that's what we say when we make a mistake) Friday morning and couldn't get Nashville Kat on the air. So, I asked her to give us the scoop because I know I didn't want to miss out. Here it is...