Dolly Parton Says Fan Once Left a Baby on Her Doorstep
A great song is capable of moving the listener on a pretty intimate emotional level, so it’s only natural that fans often try to find ways of showing their appreciation for an artist’s music — even if the artist is successful enough that gifts are clearly unnecessary.
On the other hand, sometimes fan…
Lioness Tries To Eat Baby [VIDEO]
I can't really decide if this is cute or scary.  Both parties are just doing what they do.  The baby is trying to play as the lioness is planning her meal.
Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Welcome New Baby!
Keith and Nicole officially announced they welcomed their new baby girl - Faith Margaret Kidman Urban- to the world on December 28 2010 via a surrogate mother.
This is the couples second child, they have a 2 year old girl named Sunday Rose...