One Cat, One Dog, One Adorable Wrestling Matchup [VIDEO]
Cats and dogs may be natural enemies — but given the right critters with the right temperaments, they can also be the best of friends.
These two adorable buddies prove they’re species-blind as they romp and play, and the kitty seems completely undaunted to be engaging in horsepl…
Fearless Dog Bites Shark [VIDEO]
One pooch recently proved he’s alpha dog material by driving away a shark in the waters near One Arm Point, a remote community in western Australia. Good boy!
In a YouTube video featured on ‘Today,’ the dog can be seen paddling contentedly through the ocean while two sharks lurk beneath the surf. It’…
This Dove Ruins A Cat’s Nap‬‏ [VIDEO]
You would think that a dove would have better sense than to mess with a sleeping cat. Doesn't he know that kitties like to feast on his feathered friends?
This dove doesn't care. He keeps on messing with the cat while it is trying to catch 40 winks...

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