Pet Patrol: Polite Penelope is Looking for a New Home
Tri-County Humane Society
Penelope is a 1 ½ year old Black Lab and German Wirehaired Pointer mix.
She recently spent some time in foster care raising her litter of puppies. Since then she has been spayed and is ready to find a home of her own...
Humans Get Their Revenge on Thieving Seagulls [VIDEO]
Seagulls have been on quite a crime spray as of late, stealing everything from cameras to golf balls to hamburgers.
In the video below, humanity was able to exert a bit of revenge on the thieving birds with a simple trick involving some french fries and a glass windshield. Watch the rats of the sky g…
Pet Patrol: Sophie, Freckle Ready to Play with You
Meet Sophie, a 2 ½ year old German Shepherd.  She is a very smart dog who knows several words such as sit, stay, lay down, speak, and wait. Sophie’s also housetrained and will go to the door when she needs to go outside.
Sophie was very good about staying in the yard in he…
Amazing Spider Cat Climbs Entire Wall [VIDEO]
This possibly titanium-clawed feline scales right up a kitchen wall while in pursuit of an elusive laser pointer. Then, as if to proof its amazing climbing abilities weren’t just some fluke of adrenaline, the cat holds on, five feet high, for a good three seconds. Check out…
Pet Patrol: Kida the Puggle’s Looking for New Digs
Kida is a Pug and Beagle mix, sometimes referred to as a Puggle.  She is 4 years old, spayed and housetrained.
Kida lived with an older dog and she would pester him to play until an argument broke out. In an effort to find peace for the senior dog, Kida’s owners brought her to th…
Laser Pointer Confounds Cockatoo [VIDEO]
While its true that laser beams have yet to become the bad guy-zapping weapons we were promised by science fiction, the laser does have many modern day uses.
In this video, for example, we find that a laser pointer can be used to perplex and fascinate a cockatoo. Kiwi never is able to …
Dog Goes Crazy Over Hedgehog [VIDEO]
Is that a hedgehog on the floor or are you just happy to see us? This dog is so excited and/or anxious about the prickly brown pile on the floor that he’s decided to skip today’s walk and just run in place.
In reality, we think he’s probably trying to dig a hole so he can expose the hedgehog’s sof…
Meet Otis, the Skydiving Pug [VIDEO]
Will DaSilva started taking his pet pug otis skydiving when he was a mere puppy. Now, at ten years old, Otis has been on 64 jumps.
Sure, Otis looks adorable in his little doggie goggles with his little doggie cheeks flapping in the wind, but is it safe for dogs to skydive? And does Otis really enjoy …
The Easiest Dog To Own – EVER [VIDEO]
I personally do not own a dog. Not that I have anything against them, I just don't feel I have enough time in my day to dedicate to a dog. There's a lot of work that goes into owning a pet, let alone a dog. They require lots of attention, lots of food and lots of walking!
Now, MAYBE if I ha…
Aww! Baby Panda Won’t Stay Put in Its Crib [VIDEO]
This baby panda can’t be caged: The adorably stubborn cub keeps trying to scale its way out of its crib, no matter how many times a caretaker keeps plopping him back in. Truly a Sisyphean task.
Check out the nimble panda cub who wants to break free below:
Is This Super-Scary Dog Possessed by the Devil? [VIDEO]
In response to having his belly rubbed, this already devilish-looking pooch seems to growl out the phrase “I like Satan.” And that’s not even the most demonic thing he does — brace yourself for an ear-splitting snarl at the end of the clip.
Warning: T…

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