Twin Polar Bears Make Their Public Debut [VIDEO]
What could be cuter than a baby polar bear? That's right, two baby polar bears! These adorable fuzzy four legged animals are going to meet the public for the first time during a New Years Eve celebration at an aquarium in northeast China. Hmmm...I wonder if they would get along with my dog? I w…
Top 6 Holiday Gift Picks for Pets
We know you’ll be inundated with gift ideas this holiday season, but after sharing our ideas for gifts for your vet, we couldn’t resist offering a few of our own favorites for the year courtesy of VetStreet’s Dr. Patty Khuly.
Super Cute Confused Baby Elephant [VIDEO]
I get that having a trunk would be really weird, but you would think that to an elephant (even a baby) it would be normal and not so confusing. Apparently that's not the case, for this elephant anyway.
Pet Patrol: Polite Penelope is Looking for a New Home
Tri-County Humane Society
Penelope is a 1 ½ year old Black Lab and German Wirehaired Pointer mix.
She recently spent some time in foster care raising her litter of puppies. Since then she has been spayed and is ready to find a home of her own...
Humans Get Their Revenge on Thieving Seagulls [VIDEO]
Seagulls have been on quite a crime spray as of late, stealing everything from cameras to golf balls to hamburgers.
In the video below, humanity was able to exert a bit of revenge on the thieving birds with a simple trick involving some french fries and a glass windshield. Watch the rats of the sky g…

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