SnoBar Has Taken Ice Cream to the Next Level by Adding Alcohol
Ice cream is one of the most amazing things in the world, I swear it can cure just about anything, therefore it's a staple in my diet. Some days I feel the same way about alcohol, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to invest in a deep freeze to ensure I'll always be stocked wit…
MIT Student Invents Ice That Tattles on Binge Drinkers
When it comes to ice, we only want it to do one thing -- make our drinks cold. We certainly don't want it to snitch to our friends after we've had one too many. But a MIT student has invented exactly that -- digital ice that monitors how quickly someone is drinking and sends out an alert w…
Starbucks Wants to Get You Drunk
Starbucks coffee chain has become an American institution among caffeine junkies, mid-day speed freaks, and daily-grinders alike. It only makes sense that they'd start catering to booze hounds at cocktail hour, eventually. Us. We mean us.
Reporter Gets Drunk for Safe and Sober Class
The newly formed Foley Police Department held Safe and Sober class for law enforcement officials this week. There were 18 students from law enforcement agencies throughout Minnesota that participated in the program. It was a two-day program that included 16 hours of classroom, and field training.
Three Kids Served Spiked Smoothies at a Colorado Restaurant
Lately, it seems easier for a small child to score a cocktail than an 18-year-old with a fake ID.
In the most recent story, Pam Bruenning and her three young children went into a Chili's in Longmont, Colorado on July 4 and ordered fruit smoothies. When her daughter complained of dizziness and stomach…