Last week was MEA weekend for students around Minnesota and my mom along with my nieces and nephew decided to make a surprise visit to St. Cloud.

Even when I know the family is coming up for a visit, I struggle to plan a fun weekend for everybody, because they range from 7, 5 and almost 2-years old. It's tough because my two-year-old niece can be a HANDFUL!

My mom decided to grab the kids though and come up on a spur of the moment. I love any chance the can come up or I can make it home to have some fun. This weekend was a little different though... My five-year-old niece, Savannah, wanted "girls" time. No big deal, my nephew Ethan and I will have "man" time. And that's what we did over the weekend.

Savannah wanted to "get my nails painted bright pretty colors and have rainbow colored hair"... oh boy. Brittany and my mom (Cathy) took Savannah and Chelsea (almost two-years-old) to the "Model College of Hair Design" where Savannah had her nails done. She decided it would be best to go every other finger blue, pink, blue, pink... so that's what she got during her "girl" time, but they skipped the rainbow colored hair, this time.

Matt Fallon

In the mean time, Ethan did NOT want to go with while the girls got their nails done. Who can blame the guy? Instead, he felt like playing games and having "man" time. So, Ethan and I headed for Space Aliens in Waite Park to play games and grab some lunch. No talks of crazy hair color or painting nails, just good old fashion video games, shooting aliens and driving race cars.

Later that night Ethan and I went down into the "Man Cave" at my house and watched "Iron Man 3" while the ladies were upstairs watching "Cinderella". It was a good way to cap off the night.

As far as my two-year-old niece, Chelsea... she was with us the entire time, but most of the time was spent trying to keep her out of trouble.