You and I have a date April 3rd at 11 am for the Sunday Morning Country Classic Spotlight when we feature the great Willie Nelson.

Willie Hugh Nelson born April 30, 1933 in Abbott, Texas.  In the 1950s he was in the Air Force, played in many small and local clubs around Texas.  Like many country artists in his day worked as a DJ at stations in Texas and Vancouver, Washington.  In 1960 he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, that’s where he started writing music for other country artists.  “Crazy,” “Hello Walls” and “Funny How Time Slips Away,” a major hit for Billy Walker.  In the mid 1970s, he emerged as one of the most influential talents in country music.  In the late 1970s and early 1980s he ventured into feature films as an actor.  A supporting role in “The Electric Horseman,” had a lead role in “Honeysuckle Rose” and appeared in several television movies. By the early 1990s he was millions of dollars in debt to the IRS.  He has since resolved his tax debt.  Nelson also joined the country group “The Highwaymen” with fellow singers Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson.  In 2010 after his arrest for marijuana possession, Nelson created the “Teapot Party” under the motto “Tax it, regulate it and legalize it.”

Nelson lives in Maui, Hawaii and also owns a ranch near Austin, Texas.  He has been married four times and fathered seven children.


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