The Statler Brothers, when they first started, were known as the "Kings Men" in 1955 featuring Gospel music.  Early in 1964 they renamed themselves the "Statler Brothers," because another group was called the "Kingsmen" who were successful then.  The band in fact named themselves after a brand of facial tissue they noticed in a hotel room.

In March of 1964 they joined Johnny Cash's road show and stayed eight and a half years.  Cash virtually demanded that Columbia Records sign them, and they began recording in April 1964.

Their first hit, "Flowers on the wall," was cut in March 1965 and became a top five country and pop record.  The brothers were featured regularly on the Johnny Cash show on ABC TV.  The show ran from 1969-1971.

The Statler's left Cash's show in 1972 to pursue their own career.  They left Cash on good terms.  In the 1980's they were a main stay on TNN.  They earned the number one spot on the Billboard chart four times.

Since forming, the Statler Brothers have released over 40 albums.  The group disbanded and retired after completing a farewell tour on October 26, 2002.

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