If you missed the Bellamy Brothers last week at Rollie's Rednecks and Longnecks, join me for the Sunday Morning Country Classic Spotlight this Sunday, July 20th, at 11 a.m.

The legendary Bellamy Brothers 40th anniversary is coming in 2015.  Throughout their nearly four decade career, the multi -platinum selling Bellamy Brothers have charted fifteen number one hits on both the country and pop music charts.

The Bellamy Brothers are made up of Howard and David Bellamy.   Their dad, Homer Bellamy, was also a musician in a western swing band.  The brothers had absolutely no musical training but their dad encouraged his sons to take up music and that they did. They were also influenced by the music of Elvis, Buddy Holly, Rick Nelson and the Everly Brothers of the 1960's.

Here's an interesting story, the brothers come home late one night and spent the night in their parents bunk house.  Howard woke up with a chicken snake in his sleeping bag.  Well that gave David the idea for Spiders and Snakes, which became a pop hit for Jim Stafford in 1974.  Howard worked for Stafford for a few years as his road manager.

The Bellamy's country career grew slowly.  It wasn't until 1979 when their smash hit If I Said You Had a Beautiful body Would You Hold It Against Me topped out at number one and stayed at that position for three weeks.  Then came Sugar Daddy, Dancing Cowboys, Old Hippie, Kids of the Baby Boom, Redneck Girl and many more.

They first made their mark on the charts in 1976 with their upbeat crossover hit, Let Your Love Flow peaked at #1 on the pop chart and #21 on the country chart.